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C.C.D.T. price guides cost $12.00 each if purchased in person, or $22.50 each if mailed. To purchase a C.C.D.T. price guide, please send a check or money order made out to C.C.D.T. to C.C.D.T., P.O. Box 983, Metairie, La. 70004. C.C.D.T. uses U. S. P. S. Priority Mail to ship price guides and shipping is included in this price. The price is subject to change based on U. S. P. S. pricing.

If you prefer an older price guide instead of a new one, guides from previous years are available for $8.00 each if purchased in person, or $18.50 if mailed. You would need to state the latest year the guide must include.

Our price guide contains a detailed list of all doubloons issued by New Orleans area krewes since 1960. To view a sample page of our price guide, click the image below.